Hasher - Generate hashes of text and files with ease

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Hasher is a tool to generate hashes of text and files.


This is a beta release.

Functionality in this version:

Generate hashes of text and files.

Confirm checksums to make sure downloads are legitimate.

Currently available hashes:

- MD5
- MD5x2
- MD5x3
- MD5x4
- MD5 Reverse
- SHA1
- SHA1x2
- SHA256
- SHA256x2
- SHA384
- SHA384x2
- SHA512
- SHA512x2
- Base64

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Checksum for download:
SHA1: c1257b800602c78d57f8d09ac7b0fd564457fbde

Download Hasher

Download "Hasher" for .net framework 4.5

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