How to save Facebook videos

How to save Facebook videos

Every now and then you come across a funny video when browsing Facebook that you wish to keep. You can do this with Nirsoft VideoCacheView and Manually.

Manual Saving

Play the video that you wish to save and replace "www" with "m" in the video URL in the bar. This will then change the page to the mobile view of the page. From here play the video and right click it, then select "Save video as".


Using this Nirsoft software, it will show a list of all videos contained in the video cache of the browser. To retrieve the video, play the video in your browser. When it is completely loaded or played, run the program then select the video in the list, or select them all. Then go to "File" then click "Copy Selected Files To...". Select a location then press ok. This will then save the selected files to the location.

You can get VideoCacheView from -