What is and why should you have an AntiKeylogger

What is and how to avoid keylogging

What is keylogging?

Keylogging is the capture of keystrokes mainly. It is the ability to find out what you are inputting to the computer.
A lot of the time when you enter a password it should be behind asterisks so no one can see. Obviously it would be good from a criminal's perspective to gain that information so they can get your money or access to your account.

What are the methods and how can we try to prevent it?

So came along the ability to do so. It can be done through hardware and software methods. Hardware methods are easier to see as it tends to be in the form of a small bit of cable that they plug in between the computer and the device they wish to capture, so mainly the keyboard. So if the keyboard you are using has the cable plugged into another bit of cable and then into the computer, it is highly likely that your data is being stored inside that cable.
To stop an attack such as that it just comes down to unplugging and removing that bit of cable. To prevent it happening it is a case of physical security, keeping an eye on unauthorised people being near the computer and on the cables if anything appears.

The other method is through software. This tries to use software to sit in between the software you are sending the keys from and the software you are sending it to e.g. the browser.
The method of removal is a case of happening to notice a sign that someone is misusing your account, it to get picked up on a virus scan or a firewall or scanner to notice the software sending the keys out to the malicious server.

A way of hopefully preventing an attacker to gain the correct keys even if they infect the machine is using software such as KeyScrambler.
KeyScrambler sits very closely to the device and sends the correct key to the application you wish for it to do, but sends out randomised keys through the various methods that are common for keylogging software to use to gain the keys. This will hopefully prevent most keyloggers from gaining anything useful.
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